Whitewash Teeth whitening strips

Posted by Elizabeth Allen on Saturday, August 15, 2015
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WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips are mouldable plastic strips containing the optimum amount of whitening gel to simply, safely, and effectively, whiten your teeth. With a unique gentle whitening formula that helps to limit tooth sensitivity, these enamel-safe professional whitening strips are designed to follow the contour of your teeth, enabling you to safely and comfortably achieve whiter teeth by applying the strips for 60+ minutes once a day for 14 days.

We have 2 versions available – one for sensitive teeth (which contains 4% hydrogen peroxide) and a stronger premium whitening strip (which contains 6% hydrogen peroxide) for more effective whitening.


WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips product information:

  • 14 Applications (14 upper strips, 14 lower strips
  • Enamel Safe
  • Advanced Seal Strips with Non-Slip Technology
  • Patented Formulation with Slow-release Whitening Ingredients
  • Formulated by UK Dentists

* WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips are only available on prescription from your dentist.

WhiteWash Teeth Whitening Strips 6%


WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips will help you to achieve a whiter smile after only a few days. You can use WhiteWash Strips once a day for 1 hour everyday for 2 weeks, or until you are happy with the results.

WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips offer a convenient and effective teeth whitening solution. The moudable plastic strips already contain the optimum amount of whitening gel for your teeth and simply need to be applied to your teeth. You can even whiten on the go! Even more impressive is that WhiteWash Strips are extremely cost effective with a recommended retail price of only £60 RRP !