Align, Bleach and Bond – The New Way of Cosmetic Dentistry

Align, Bleach and Bond (ABB) is the latest and most conservative way of getting an amazing smile makeover.- all done with no veneers and no tooth cutting.

In the past patients would have teeth filed back and veneers placed to get a great smile. While sometimes this is necessary, for many patients ABB is now the answer.

Alignment is carried out with Inman Aligners or clear braces, and then the whitening is carried out simultaneously (because the Inman Aligner isn’t fixed on to your teeth and only needs wearing 16 hours a day – then after this is done (often within 12 weeks) the edges are simply built up with composite bonding to give an amazing outline.

We know this is the right way of doing cosmetic dentistry because many patients who once thought they wanted veneers very quickly change their mind when they see their teeth aligned and whitened. Ultimately, they end up with the result they wanted but with far less damage done to their teeth and the costs are lower too.

Advantages of Align, Bleach and Bond

  • No tooth preparation - no drills are required
  • No injections - no needles
  • Good Value - average price £1400 vs around £3-6 thousand for same area if veneered
  • Quick results - usually 3-4months
  • Removable - meaning you can take it out to eat, for photos or special occasions and you can clean the appliance.
  • Simultaneous whitening -  while the appliance is out you can use whitening strips or trays
  • Beautiful natural results - we aim to make your own teeth look straighter and whiter

To maintain the position of the teeth after the treatment a small retainer is recommended to be fitted to the back of the teeth.

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