Private treatment

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Private treatment offers patients a greater choice of materials and services than are available on the NHS, from white fillings to complete smile or mouth makeovers, with straightening, whitening, veneers etc. Private treatment requires a consultation where prices can be determined more accurately. The practice strives to make the treatments as affordable as possible

 Boutique Whitening offered here!

Dentist-supervised home-whitening is the safest, most popular, and most well-researched whitening procedure. This technique requires the manufacture of custom fabricated trays by a laboratory. BOUTIQUE BY NIGHT 16% CARBAMIDE PEROXIDE. This gel is designed for 4-6 hours wear overnight. A Standard kit is 4 x 3ml syringes and should last around 3 weeks. Call today to get an appointment.

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Smile Fast

Custom designed smile makeover with minimal preparation with either ceramics or composite. With a obligatory £99 smile trial to get the right treatment plan for you then pricing ranging from £1500-2600 depending on desired outcome, you could have the smile confidence you've always wanted!


Your clinician will take relevant photos and impressions sent to Smile Fast. They then use the latest 3D-planning technology the patient smile will be designed and outline of possible treatment options. Once approved by both patient and dentist you’re ready to go!

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We also offer clear aligner treatment see our straighten your teeth page for more information!